First Post – Introduction to TtH

Hi All,

Welcome to my new blog where I will be analysing tech stocks listed on the ASX and potentially the NASDAQ.

From my time investing I have read numerous books and identified different ways to invest.

Though I am inexperienced, I have come up with a standard checklist which I will runthrough when analysing a particular stock. Each month I will review a technology stock, run through my own checklist and decide whether the stock is overhyped (sell/ do not buy) or underhyped (buy).

My checklist is as follows:

  1. Basic explanation of how the company works / makes money
  2. Competitive Advantage
  3. Technical Analysis
  4. Fundamental Analysis
  5. Management team
  6. Shorting interest
  7. Insider trading
  8. Macro environment
  9. Catalysts for an increase in stock price

For each of these checklist points, I will be having a Strong, Neural and Weak ranking.

I hope this blog will serve as somewhere I can share my knowledge, whilst also gain feedback on my investment/ though process. It is also a please where I (and potentially my audience) can track my return throughout the years. As this is probably one of the hardest years to invest in (in my short time of investing), I am hoping for at least a moderate 5 – 7 % gain

For clarity sake, every recommendation / purchase / sell I list, please do not take it as a direction for you to copy. I advise to look at your own financial situation, do your own research and invest accordingly to what suits your financial needs.

My first post will be about everyone’s favourite stock Afterpay. If this blog gains traction maybe I could even do recommendations after.

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